DIY Christmas Tag

2:04 PM

This year I had 0 dollars and 0 cents so I had to really cut back on my Christmas expenses. One of those expenses was gift wrapping. I like putting a personal spin on presents I give to people because it's that extra thought that counts, right? So this year, I made my own Christmas tag to put on presents. It was super easy and I had a lot of time so why not.

A little while back, I got into watercolor painting. Watercolors are my absolute favorite kind of painting so I went to Michael's and picked up some paint and paper. So, I already had the supplies on hand to make these tags.

I got the three different green paints and just started painting. I painted the brush strokes from side to side and did a lot of layers of them. When I was finished, I let it dry over night. Then, I cut out a cutout of a Christmas tree. You can get as elaborate as you would like but I made my somewhat simple. I then traced the trees on the painted paper and cut them out and voila! I put a hole in the tag so I could string them through the rope. You can also tape them onto the presents or put them in a bag! You can make them as little or as big as you would like! Have fun with it! Let me know what you think!

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