What You Absolutely Must Pack When You're Going to Europe in the Spring

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Summer is an extremely popular time to travel abroad in Europe. One thing you have to note when you are in Europe is that seasons in Europe are very literal. When it is Spring, you will experience Spring weather which means: rain, rain, rain. Now, obviously this can vary given your destination in Europe seeing how Europe is huge but, these are some things I noted as important when I spent my time abroad last summer!

1. Rain resistant shoes: Okay, this doesn't necessarily mean rain boots (though I do love mine). Rain boots are big and bulky and tough to travel with. Unless you want to wear your rain boots while you travel, I wouldn't suggest bringing them. What I would suggest however, is these boots. They're cute and functional and small in size which will make them easy to travel with.

2. Rain resistant jacket: This is a must. You do not want to be traveling around in the rain and unprepared for it. It is the worst. Being wet and uncomfortable makes for a bad experience. I suggest bringing a light weight rain jacket that is cute but doesn't take up a lot of space in your bag. It shouldn't be bulky- just one that you can put on top of layers.

3. Warm weather clothing: Just like in America, Spring can go either way- it can be warm or it can be cold. Be prepared either way. I suggest bringing light clothing like dresses and skirts.  I also brought a pair of shorts with me, along with some tanks and tees.

4. Cold weather clothing: Just like you should be prepared for warm weather, you should be prepared for cold weather. Now, this doesn't mean bring your winter coat or snow boots. I suggest you bring 1 thick, heavy sweater. You can wear it when you travel and use it as a blanket or pillow! It is important to bring things you can layer. Sweaters, long sleeves, light jackets, etc.

5. Sunnies: This one is a given. Next.

6. Umbrella: Okay, this one is a necessity but also a toss up. I packed one to bring with me but you can also buy them there. So, it's totally your call if you wanna bring it in your suitcase or carry on or wait to purchase it when you reach your destination.

7. Pillowcase: This is something that I thought was of importance. I'm really not a germ freak at all. But, I thought that bringing my own pillowcase would be a cleanly thing to do. Not that I didn't trust where I was staying but it's important especially when you're considering where you're traveling to. I also liked having my own pillowcase to sleep on because it reminded me of home.

8. Water bottle: Yes! But not just any water bottle, I 110% suggest and recommend you invest in a HydroFlask. The HydroFlask keeps liquids hot for up to 6 hours and cold for 24 hours. This product is revolutionary. When in Europe, you'll quickly learn that water costs more than alcohol. Yes, you read that right. So, to save money while in Europe, bring a water bottle. Fill it up when you're at your hotel or hostel. Take advantage of your resources and be prepared!

9. Fitbit: This isn't a must unless you're a FitBitter. I know that I don't leave to go anywhere without my FitBit. It is also a great way to see how many steps you've walked along with how many miles! You can share that with your family and brag about it with your FitBit friends. This was a very important thing to have with me everyday when I was in Europe.

10. Travel bag: This is imperative to note. Bring a bag that won't be heavy and won't be annoying to carry. I made the mistake of not being prepared bag wise. DO NOT BRING A BACKPACK. It is super American. Please don't embarrass the people around you with a big backpack. Now a bag like this, this, and this is a different story. But if you're thinking of carrying around your JanSport or LL Bean backpack forget about it. For guys, I suggest this backpack. Also, bring a bag you can fit things in like a notebook, your water bottle, a camera, your wallet, etc. PLEASE NOTE: only bring a bag that zips. Do not bring a bag that is open because that makes you susceptible to unfortunate events...

11. Small notebook and pen: If there is one thing you do every day, be it that you write down what you do, where you go, what you see. Write down everything. You will thank yourself later.

12. Camera: I suggest you bring a camera that isn't on your phone. I brought my Nikon to take pictures and definitely did not regret it. You don't want to have your phone to rely on to take your pictures. Be in the moment and do not be distracted by a phone- you may miss something that you will never experience again.

So, that completes my list of some things that I either wish I brought or found great use in bringing! 

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