Chocolate Banana Smoothie

11:07 AM

Hi lovelies!! I know it's been a while since I've shown my face... well written on the blog. I just wanted to say that the last few months have been crazy hectic and kind of a whirlwind for me. But, I'm back and going to be making my blog a priority! So I wanted to ease back into things by sharing with you lovely readers a sweet treat that is also healthy, may I add..

So next time you've got your freezer open about to grab the ice cream, I suggest grabbing a frozen banana to make this sweet tooth satisfying, yummylicious, body-lovin' treat.

Here's what you'll need:

1 frozen banana
1 cup of almond milk (sweetened or unsweetened)
1 tablespoon of cocoa powder (I used dark)
2 tablespoons of almond butter

Put all of the ingredients in your blender and pulse until the ingredients are smooth. Yep, it's that easy. Finish it off by sprinkling some cocoa nibs on top and you've got yourself and healthy sweet treat!

xoxo, B

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