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Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays (if not the best). There are so many amazing aspects of it- food, family, friends, tradition, and did I mention food? There is not a home-ier meal than Thanksgiving. We go all out here at the Logan house. So much so that the gravy train is ridden for days. With that being said, we have many a leftover. Now, I'm here to post an argument: the days after Thanksgiving are the best simply do to the leftovers. Think of it this way- after the Thursday meal is said and done, and the extras are put into the fridge and they sit. The flavors meld and become richer.

It's the day after Thanksgiving, you are just waking up from your coma induced by the copious amounts of noms. You get out of bed, open the fridge and see the pumpkin pie. Good morning. What is a better combo than pumpkin pie and coffee? PB&J? No. Grilled cheese and tomato soup? No. Tomatoes and mozzarella? Maybe. But this combo is simply magical. 

So you've enjoyed your breakfast of champions of pie and coffee and maybe some stuffing but who's to judge? Not I. You've been lounging and maybe binge watching Hallmark Christmas movies and suddenly it's lunchtime. Nothing sings more beautifully than these three words: hot turkey sandwiches. Game over. Toast the leftover buns or crescent rolls, heat up the turkey and gravy in a pot on the stove, pile on the stuffing, mashed potatoes, greens, and cranberry sauce. Bless the sandwich with the turkey/gravy combo and it's game time. 

The Friday after Thanksgiving is literally the Super Bowl of food. If you don't believe me, please try these tasty dishes. 

What are your post-Thanksgiving traditions? I'd love to hear! Comment below. 

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