It's Christmas Eve Eve

12:17 PM

I absolutely cannot believe that Christmas is just two days away. So, that means that today is Christmas Eve Eve! I still have so much to do! Last year, while I was in college I had a month long break to prep and prepare for the holidays. This year, not so much. I've had to do pretty much all of my Christmas prepping on the weekends. Last year, I wrapped my Christmas presents so beautifully with these homemade tags. The time for that is just nonexistent this year. It makes me so sad as I find myself cramming to watch Christmas movies, fulfill traditions, shop, and wrap my gifts. 

Something that makes me feel much more comfortable, doing all of this cramming, are these pajamas. I'm so obsessed with them. They are festive and amazingly soft. I'm so lucky to have an amazing boyfriend who included them in my Christmas present from him:) So, here I am in my PJs and I am absolutely dreading making my way to the mall seeing as it is going to be a zoo. But, here I am and here I go...

I probably won't be back on here until after the holidays so I am wishing you and your family and loved ones an amazing holiday and a very happy and healthy New Year!! Until 2017, loves! 

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