Lush Loving

11:17 AM

Lush is a store that has made a huge impression in the lives of the skin-loving. Lush has always been a store that I've popped in, bought a bath bomb, and deuced. I always felt really overwhelmed walking in there because there are just so many products. I didn't even know where to begin. Finally, a couple weeks ago, I dragged my boyfriend Anthony in there with me. After meticulous sampling, I couldn't choose just one, so I settled on two products: Dark Angels and Mask of Magnaminty.

Dark Angels: smells absolutely phenomenal- it reminds me of black licorice. I like to put it on and let it dry on my face for 5-10 mins- make sure you take your makeup off first! While I'm washing it off with warm water, I like to rub it on my face. It is black so be careful with what you're wearing because it may stain. When it is all rinsed, pat your face dry and feel the magic.

Mask of Magnaminty: this mask is so lus(h)cious. The smell is minty so it is refreshing and clean. I wash my face to get all of my makeup off then put it on- typically after I shower. I brush out my hair and get my clothes ready for the next day while I wait for it to dry. I love this mask because of the whole ingredients. After I wash it off, it leaves my face feeling soft and ready for sleep.

I've been using these at home for the past couple weeks and every time I use them, I feel like I am being transported to a spa. They give me instant relaxation and some nights that is absolutely necessary.

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