My Favorite Nail Colors for the Summer

5:00 PM

Happy summer, loves!!!! 

Personal update: As some of you may know, I've been spending some time at my family's quaint little home in Cape Cod. I've been taking this time to rest, relax, re-cooperate, and reset- that's a lot of re's! I've been spending my days beaching, running, reading, and eating my favorite summer foods. I've also been really focused on mastering my summer glow!  

If you know me on a personal level, or you've been following my blog for the last four years, you may have noticed that I'm a bit of a nail polish addict. Over that last 6 years or so, I have collected probably 250+ nail polishes. If you'd ask Anthony, he'd probably roll his eyes and tell you it's wayyyy more than that! 

On top of my elaborate collection of nail polishes, I always have to have my nails polished, and polished perfectly. I don't know where it comes from? Maybe from my mom and grandmom, with whom I can recollect special memories of trips to the nail salon for a reward or a just-because afternoon. 

So as I sit here on this warm summer's afternoon, I look down at my nails and want to share with you my favorite summer nail colors! I personally love colors that help to accentuate and compliment your summer glow. This is a warning though, I am a bit of a polish snob. OPI, Essie, or Bust. 

The colors I'm currently wearing:

Finger nails: Essie Gel Couture- Dress Call 

Toe nails: Essie Gel Couture- Style Stunner

For summer colors, I love to stick to blues, purples, pinks, and red. All of these colors stick to the general theme of fun and sunshine. The colors I'm loving for the summer:

  • Essie: Find Me and Oasis
  • Essie: Bikini So Teeni 
  • Essie: Go Ginza 
  • OPI: You're Such a Budapest @Tanile, if you're reading this ;)
  • OPI: Show Us Your Tips! 
  • Essie: Mademoiselle 
  • Essie: Hi Maintenance 
  • Essie: Tart Deco 
  • Essie: Muchi Muchi 
  • Essie: Just Another Pretty Face 
  • Essie: Fiji 
  • OPI: Aphrodite's Pink Nightie 
  • Essie: Clambake 
  • OPI: Cajun Shrimp 

I also have to admit that I'm LOVING Essie's Gel Manicure line. Typically, I have to paint my nails twice a week. Once on Sunday, and a second time on either Wednesday or Thursday. With the gel line, I paint them twice every 10 days, I'd say! That's 3 extra days! 

I'd love to know your go-to summer colors! 


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