The Coffee Rule

1:31 PM

A little while back, I asked some of my followers on Instagram to answer and few questions:

  1. What would like to see me post about?
  2. Which posts have you enjoyed? 
Not so surprisingly, I got an overwhelming response for people wanting to see more self-care posts.

So, what is self-care exactly? It is the prioritizing of you, and your emotional, mental, and physical health. The taking of time for yourself. My favorite analogy is that of the cups- you cannot pour from an empty cup, your cup needs to indeed be full. The thing is, it's up to us to make sure our cups are full. You can never expect anyone else to fill your cup, because you don't know how full their cup is.

I'm writing this post as more of a proposal, the proposal of The Coffee Rule. The Coffee Rule is all about taking one moment from your day to do something, one thing for yourself. What does that look like for you in your day to day? Only you know that. It may just mean leaving the office and going for a walk outside. For me, sometimes it looks like leaving the office to go grab lunch or take a walk in one of the parks by my office. Most times, however, it looks like grabbing a cup of coffee or cappuccino (which is often a necessary afternoon pick me up). It could be getting a manicure post-work, getting up early and going for a run or walk, baking some cookies, snuggling up and watching Netflix. #TheCoffeeRule could be anything as long as you're taking some time for YOU!

So, let's start prioritizing us. One thing, every day.

I would love to know what your daily #CoffeeRule is. Let's make this a priority. What will your Coffee Rule be? Tell me! Post about it, tweet it, snap a pic of it with the hashtag #TheCoffeeRule or #CoffeeRule- whatever grammatically makes sense at the time. I'm going to start sharing mine daily!

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