Our Not So Basic Holiday Cards

8:00 AM

It's hard to believe, but this is my seventh holiday season with Anthony. Seven years of amazing memories and traditions we've made together. This, however, is the first holiday season where we are living together. Honestly, when he was moving me out of Philly and into Hoboken, all I could think about, during that 2 hour U-Haul drive, was our first Christmas together. I sat there in that cab daydreaming about our first Christmas tree (pictured) and sending out our first holiday cards. I couldn't wait for the hot summer months to be over so I could start prepping. 

When it comes down to it, the holidays are the most special time of year for me. They provide me with a wholehearted happiness- a feeling that comes only a few times of year. It fills my body with that Christmas time feeling where shock waves of warmth shoot from my stomach to my heart (cheesy?). When Basic Invite reached out to me, I jumped for joy because I couldn't think of a better company to help me to encapsulate that feeling in the hopes of sending it via USPS to my loved ones and friends.

Do you love these holiday cards? Are you wondering why they're very B (and Anthony approved)? Let me indulge you for a moment. With over 500 different designs to choose from, I was able to pick the cards that encapsulated that Christmas time feeling I absolutely adore (Eloise voice) so much. From there, I choose from the basically limitless color selection which also includes gold, rose gold, or silver foil... beautiful. After you're finished with your design, you have the ability to see and print exactly what it is going to look like before you even buy! When it comes to envelopes, Basic Invite lets you choose a color for your envelope and gives the option to address it for you. This time saving option is great for anyone who's feeling overwhelmed this holiday season.

So, whether you're getting cards for your colleagues, the classic holiday card, or looking to send some vintage cheer, Basic Invite will have the card for you. Take it from me, I got 3 different cards! You better hurry though, 19 days until Christmas, darlings! Use the code holi30 for 30% off your purchase.

Now, the hardest thing we have to do is to get all of the addresses from friends and loved ones! So, if you're our people, be on the lookout for a holiday card from Anthony and me in your mailbox next week.

*This post was sponsored by Basic Invite

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