The Power of Surrounding Yourself With Life

10:30 AM

Ah, sweet summertime. The real reason people love it so much? Because there is life everywhere. Trees all abloom, the fruits of summer on every corner, and the light of life in every person's face. As we enjoy this time, it is most important to remember what is upon us: fall. Fall brings with it deep darkness; not just from the shorter days.

The leaves start to fall as do the fruits. The world prepares itself for the darkness of winter. It is no wonder there is such an emphasis on warmth throughout the holidays; we really need it. We search for anything that will give us signs of life. I for one and such a sucker for the holidays, but are you ready?

We may proclaim a desire for warm drinks and cozy sweaters, football and warm stew but the reality is we must remember how powerful it is to surround ourselves with life, every day, no matter the season.

Take this time and go to the farmer's market, buy some berries or peppers. Bring them home and make a jam out of them. Can that jam and keep it in your cupboard. Bring them out on a cool morning and add some of that jam to your toast or a scone (or if it's a hot pepper jam, like I made last week, put it on some goat cheese). Remember all of the joy that these summer moments brought you.

Another thing: invest in plants. Invest in succulents. The chemicals that they produce prove to do wonders for the human brain and psyche. Tend to them. When you tend to something else, you bring about a sense of purpose to you. Look down at your plants and smile because you know that the life that they have helps to bring life to you.

Do something for your future self, you will be very thankful.

*Farmer's Markets attended this year:

  • Hoboken Farmer's Market, Hoboken, NJ
  • Union Square Greenmarket, New York, NY
  • Osterville Farmer's Market, Osterville, MA
  • Northern Orchard Farm Stand, Peru, NY
  • Bowling Green Greenmarket, New York, NY
  • Garden Street Farmer's Market, Hoboken, NJ

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