Wedding Party Proposals

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In honor of our save the dates hitting mailboxes this week, I wanted to give you all a sneak peek into the bridesmaid and groomsmen boxes Anthony and I put together for our wedding party. We have a pretty big party because the more the merrier, right!? I have 9 girls and Anthony has 10 guys. My maid of honor is my sister, Catie, or Cat as most people who've met her after 7th grade call her and bridesmaids are: Kayla, Sarah, Brooke, Jill, Lula, Mag, Val, and Kelly! Anthony's best man is Alex and groomsmen are Kieran, Jon, Stefan, Peter, Garcia, Kevin, Buck, Corey, and Conor! 

For these boxes, we chose to stay within a color palette that would compliment the wedding. I have to say that the boxes we both put together were both uniquely us. Read on to see why!

brynne's boxes: 

I wanted my boxes to be warm and cozy with full hygge vibes which is exactly how I envision the wedding to feel. We intentionally chose a venue that gave off the vibes of warm, welcoming, cozy, and fall. For my boxes, I chose to highlight that feeling along with our color scheme, as well as some fall and Vermont vibes within. 

As extra as I am, I also wanted a handmaid component to the box so I dove into Pinterest. I found an element that went with my theme and was something I had always wanted to do-- homemade candles! I did some research and found this small company based out of the West Coast called The Wooden Wick. They specialize in the candle making process; selling wax, wicks, essential oils, and so much more. 

I got all of the tools and went to work-- a vessel, wood-crackling wicks, wax, essential oils, and a special added element rose quartz, the love crystal. For the labels, I created a special one for my girls on Canva and got them printed on special stickers from Stuck them to the glasses and was ready to fill them with wax! 

Once the candles cooled, the boxes were ready to be assembled! I had my checklist ready to make sure they were perfect: 

  • Candy bears from Sugarfina
  • Birch logs from William Sonoma
  • Cards from Etsy
  • Candles from my kitchen
  • Eye masks from Etsy
  • Boxes from USPS
  • Box stuffing from Michaels 

Check, check, check, and check. 

anthony's boxes: 

Anthony's boxes were so classically Anthony. When he was deciding what he wanted to do, I had him go on Pinterest to see if he was inspired by anything-- nope. I put him on Esty to see if he was inspired by anything-- nope. Anthony, being the man he is didn't want anything impractical. "How about a humidor?" I asked. "No one will use that" Anthony would retort. So I backed off. Then he had it. Practical and on theme with our color scheme. Vans. Huh? Vans and a card. You're sending your guys shoes? Yep, they're practical and useful. Okey doke, honey. And that was that. 

Since we live in Michigan, and our whole wedding party is pretty much all out East, we single-handedly kept USPS in business this summer 😆

Here's a little peek at our save the dates: 

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