Morning Message of Positive Energy

10:18 AM

For humans, we strive to make a mark on the earth before we leave it. To all of us, it is the highest achievement that we can attain. Most people, when trying to make their mark, they aim do so in the most positive light.

If I'm remembered by anything when I leave earth, I want it to be that I gave this world good energy and good vibes. Each person has the power to change this world, if you really want to. It doesn't take much. Just a smile to a stranger or holding the door for an elderly person. Those things carry on. They really do. Because when you're don't right by, you do right by the next person you see. Good energy is 100% contagious.

Being in my position and having this blog and being able to reach a decent amount of people, I want to remind you that your energy counts. No matter what, this world requires energy. It's up to you to make that energy good or bad, positive or negative. But remember, energy surrounds us so be sure to do your job because it will come back to you.

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  1. Great post! Positive energy is TOTALLY contagious and I love how you point out how it really doesn't take much to spread it.