PS- It's December!

6:49 PM

Now that its finally December, we can talk about Christmas without the naysayers getting mad! Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. It has it all: food, family, giving, joy, happiness. Around the holidays, you can really feel a lift in spirits. It's really like no other time of the year. The decorations, traditions, evergreen, movies, music, food, smells, treats, red & green, snow..what else could be better? Not much in my opinion.

While I was home for Thanksgiving break, my family and I began to prepare for Christmas in my house! We started putting up decorations, watching (Hallmark) Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music, and searching for the perfect tree which unfortunately, we didn't find one :(

As I head back to school, I only have about 9 days until I come home for Christmas break and I couldn't be more excited!

I cannot wait to come home!

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