8 Tips For A Healthier You

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The New Year means that we all have a fresh, clean slate. We have a new starting ground, so we want to take advantage of it. Many people make their New Years resolution to become healthier or finally lose that weight. Well, you're not alone. Last year, I made the decision to get my health in order. I had always struggled with my weight and body image so, I decided it was time for some change. I can tell you now that that was the best decision I have ever made. I have never been happier with myself. Seeing that you can achieve anything, if you put your heart and soul into it, is the most empowering thing a person can realize.

Throughout this process, I have compiled a few tips that I, myself, have used for the success of my becoming a healthier me.

1. Set Goals: In order to achieve a healthier you, you must have goals and deadlines. Having goals gives you something to work towards and look forward to. Seeing the progress you're making as you get closer to your set goal is the most rewarding feeling.

2. Make Those Goals Within Reason: As everyone knows, you want to have goals that are reasonable. You can't make a goal to lose 30 pounds in a month. Be kind to your body. You will see the rewards of your progress soon enough.

3. Exercise: This one is big. You cannot simply become healthy without exercise. It has so many benefits. Whether those benefits are mental or physical, you are doing your body and self an immense justice. Start small, run a half mile or for three minutes. Don't get frustrated when you see people running forever, you will get there- just be patient. The benefits are worth the temporary pain. Push.

4. Healthy Eating: I am a firm believer that everything we need for our health comes from Mother Earth. Your body is a vessel and it needs the correct fuel in order to run in the best possible way. Feed your body the way it needs to be fed. You will notice a difference, I promise. Also, don't count calories. There are so many diet programs that focus on calories. Don't. Focus on nutrients and whole foods- things that come from the Earth. This approach will be most beneficial.

5. Water: Water water water. Hello, this is huge. Water is SUCH an amazing thing. You must feed your body with water. Everyday, you should be consuming at least 60 fluid ounces of water. That does not include if you work out. I try and drink 120 or more fluid ounces of water daily. This may seem like a lot because it is but your body needs it. Your average water bottle from say Poland Springs or Deer Park is 16.9 fluid ounces. That would mean you would have to drink roughly 7 or 8 water bottles. Also, a side note: if you're drinking from plastic water bottles, be sure to reuse them. Use one a day and refill it 7 or 8 times. Pleas make sure to recycle when you're finished with it. The Earth does her part for you, do your part for her. Another benefit is that water fills you up and it's zero calories. It's the perfect sidekick for your journey.

6. Take Pictures: If you want to see your progress, take pictures. Take them often. It's a real treasure to compare your first day pics to your third week or third month pics. Also, download the a PicStitch app so you can see the comparison side-by-side.

7. Reward Yourself: This one is also a big one. As you adjust to your new lifestyle, don't forget to reward yourself. If you have a sweet tooth, there are plenty of healthy eats that can cure that sweet tooth- dark chocolate, peanut butter, coffee, tea. I'm not saying to always give into cravings, but don't torture yourself. Be kind to your body.

8. Positivity: Positivity is SO important. This is something that really helps me on my continuous journey, everyday. Give it out and get it- it's that simple. If you're negative, you don't get too far in life. No one likes a Debbie Downer. Please, if you take anything away from this post, be it that you give this world good energy because everything comes back around. Being positive changes your mindset to a "can do" mindset. That will help you in this journey. Be a positive light in this world.

Being healthy is a lifelong journey- it's not just something you do for a day, week, month, or year. When you make a resolution to become healthy, the best thing you can do is to change your lifestyle and have it become just another part of your day.

Please remember that health is not defined through the scale- it is about feeling good about yourself and treating your body right.

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  1. Great points! I think staying positive is one of the most important ones that we tend to forget. It's so easy to get down on ourselves, especially when we perceive we've failed. Positivity is key!

    And thanks for reminding me to drink more water - I can use all of the reminders possible!

    - Sarah :)

  2. Positivity is so important and is such a struggle for so many people! Excellent tips to always keep in mind! x