Fit Tip #15: Chew Gum

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Happy Tuesday, everyone! Welcome to my 15th fit tip (I already laid out the first 15 here and here- so check them out)!!

Gum is a great little sidekick to have on your health journey. It's not just so you have great fresh breath, but that's definitely a bonus :)

Here's why:

1. Keeps your mouth from drying out: When I workout, especially during cardio, I have a piece of gum in my mouth. When I run, I don't quite have the "in through your nose and out through your mouth" breathing technique down. I'm more of a "in through your mouth and out through your mouth" kind of person. For better or worse, the solution to that, for me, is gum! It keeps your mouth salivating and moist. This helps because you aren't constantly grabbing for your water bottle and trying to drink it while running (I usually end up spilling it all over myself- not cute). I find the best flavor to chew is peppermint- sorry to all the spearmint fans out there. Through my experience,  spearmint dries out my mouth. My fav gum is: 5 Gum Cobalt!

2. Keeps you from snacking: I find that when I have a piece of gum in my mouth, I don't snack. It keeps your brain stimulated so you're not thinking about food. It's kind of a brain trick! The best thing to do when you're feeling the urge to snack is pop a piece of gum in your mouth. I know for me, I don't like to waste a piece of gum and the fresh flavor. Try this the next time you are feeling the urge!

P.S. I know Extra Gum makes different dessert flavored gum. So if you have a sweet tooth try them! Or just eat some fruit :)

3. Helps you to study: Okay, I know this isn't a fit tip, but it is a tip that people should know about! There have been numerous studies out there that show that chewing gum while studying helps you to remember information. Chewing helps to stimulate your brain in ways that just studying can't do. Chewing gum during a test after you chewed it while studying helps you to remember more.

After these tips, you're gonna be one smart hottie- the best of both worlds! If you have any other tips for gum comment below! Have a great week, everyone!

Shoutout to my extremely patient boyfriend for taking this pic! Love you, Anthony!

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  1. I totally agree!! Gum is my go-to when I want a snack or am about to partake in some "mindless" eating. It's the perfect thing to keep your mouth busy LOL