DIY Tip: Pressing & Preserving Flowers

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So Valentine's Day has come and gone (and hopefully everyone had a great one :-) and you received a beautiful bouquet of flowers. You did you flower duty: cut the stems, put them into fresh water, and added the flower food. Now, they're sitting on your desk or in the middle of your dining table and time is ticking away at them. What do you do? It's simple, you press them! Pressing flowers is something that I started to do last year. It helps to preserve those beautiful flowers so you can cherish them or even do something crafty with them in the future. I have about 6 books that are dedicated to pressing flowers. Some of those flowers include: hydrangeas, sun flowers, roses, baby's breath, etc.

You need two things: your flowers of choice and then a thick, hard-cover chapter book.

  1. Take the petals- just enough to cover one page (i recommend putting them on the right page)
  2.  Make sure the petals are upside down so they press flat
  3. Close the book (make sure the page covers all of the petals) 
  4. Put some heavy objects on top of the book- I just put more books
  5. Give it time- a couple of weeks to a couple of months. 
Hope this helps you to figure out what to do with those precious flowers! More DIYs to come..

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  1. Hi Brynne, I really wish I'd known about this before I threw my Valentine's flowers away. I'd heard of pressing flowers, but I never knew it was that easy to preserve them. Thanks for sharing this, I'll remember it the next time... :)