Florida So Far

9:34 AM

I've been in Florida since Saturday 2/28. My family and I escaped the bitter cold by flying down with the other snow birds. It's been a dream so far. The weather has been the best weather we've ever had- sunny and above 80 everyday. I'm definitely not complaining. We haven't had to make any rainy-day trips to the aquarium or St. Armand's Circle. But, my skin has been paying the consequences. So. much. sunburn. But, it's okay. I'd rather a sunburn than freeze burn! Sorry to all my up-northerners :)

I've recently discovered that my favorite time of day to be on the beach is between 4 and 6 pm. When the sun has lowered but not quite set yet and the air has gotten substantially cooler. Everything about this time of day just seems so much more blissful. With a book, a cool drink, and your favorite people in the world, what could be better?

Loving life in Longboat Key, Florida.

P.S. The sunsets are TO DIE for.

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