5 Tips for Beating a Breakout

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Okay, so you wake up in the morning to find that your face has been attacked overnight by the acne-stick (is that a thing??) Horrible. What is worse?? Okay, obviously there are worse things in life but a breakout can be pretty devastating especially if you have a big day full of presentations, meetings, an interview, or a date. A breakout can make your confidence levels go down ten-fold. It's such a hassle and it's just unattractive. So, to make it better, you cover it up, suffocate it, and you have created a negative skin cycle. But, you can't not cover up your breakout, so what do you do?? I have compiled a few tips that can help to beat that breakout because everyone deserves to feel gorgeous and happy!

1. Clean your makeup brushes: Cleaning your makeup brushes is such an overlooked task. It's actually something that should be done weekly. When you fail to clean your makeup brushes, bacteria and unwanted germs build up on your brushes. This can aid in causing a breakout because you're introducing that unwanted bacteria to both your face and your makeup. So please clean those brushes! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, wet your brush with warm water (it cannot be too hot- think lukewarm). Rub the wet brush on a bar of soap- I use Dove. You'll start to see the residue from your makeup products come right off. Last, rinse it with the warm water and let it dry on a towel. I usually let mine dry overnight but it all depends on your brushes and their thicknesses.

2. Analyze your diet: You know the old saying "you don't need to write down what you eat because your body is a walking food journal" or some derivation of that? Yeah, well the same thing is true for your skin. Your body is a machine and when it isn't nourished the way it's supposed to be, it tells you. Think about what you put into your body because there are many foods that cause breakouts. High levels of gluten, fried foods, etc. Breakouts can also be caused by what you're not feeding your body. There are so many miracle foods out there-all of which come from the Earth might I add.

3. Coffee & chocolate: The thing with coffee and chocolate is that they cause hormonal imbalances within your body which can lead to acne. If you look at where your breakout is, you can analyze why. Your T-Zone breaking out is normally due to imbalanced hormones. Aren't they annoying. Think about what you put into your body because everything has it's own energy compositions therefore, your body perceives them all differently. Also, I am a huge fan of tea and tea is great for your skin!

4. Natural detoxes: there are plenty of resources out there that can tell you a million different things to detoxify your body. Lemons are an amazing thing to have on hand at all times. They make for a great scrask (check out my lemon&honey scrask) and if you put them in hot water with some honey and cayenne or just by themselves, they make for a great skin detoxifier. So many people swear by this. I know I definitely do (check out my post here).

5. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: I don't think I can ever stress this enough. Hydrating your body is one of the best things you can do to take care of yourself. If there's one thing you take from this post, be it that you DRINK WATER. It's really just too important to me. It's such an easy thing we forget to do but it has some major consequences. One of those being that you breakout. Drinking a lot of water brings nothing but good health to you. I know it's a hassle when you have to use the bathroom 20 times a day, but that's HEALTHY. It's the natural way your body rids itself of toxins. Every person should drink AT LEAST 60 fl oz of water per day. In terms of plastic water bottles, that's 4. You should be drinking more than that. Your goal should be 75-100 fl oz of water. If you workout or sweat a lot, make it 100-120 fl oz. It's so good for you health and your skin. Please, make water your best friend when you're suffering from a bad breakout. You'll truly see a difference.

What are your acne remedies? Please share in the comments!

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