What I Miss Most About Europe

2:03 PM

Welp, as most of you can guess, I miss the food the most. But, particularly, I miss the breakfasts. Each hotel I stayed in came with an amazing European breakfast spread. In most countries, this meant lots of cheese, meat, and bread. I didn't see a pancake once. Hey, I'm definitely not complaining.

We would have a set time to meet downstairs for breakfasts and that was great on most mornings. However, it was definitely something to look forward to!

One of my favorite things to do was make my English breakfast tea and grab a mini loaf of bread- typically one with lots of little nuts and seeds, a piece of brie cheese, and a jam/preserve of some kind of fruit. The combo was unbelievable!!!

Another thing I absolutely adored was the coffee. The coffee in Italy especially was to die for. Everything in Europe, especially food is so craftily done. They take their time and use only the best and freshest ingredients to make their meals special. I really appreciated this. It's one of those things that America should really catch up on...

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  1. I'm currently still in Europe, but just thinking about going home makes me think about the food over here!
    xx, Mikkaela