My Favorite Drink in Europe: The Hugo

11:51 AM

Austria, like Germany is known for it's beer. SO naturally, we drank a decent amount of beer. Almost all of them were locally brewed which makes anything taste better But, that's not where this blog post is going...

I discovered the Hugo drink on one of my last nights in Austria. In fact, one of the Austrian students told me about it after one of our class sessions. It was truly the best thing I drank in Europe!

The Hugo drink consists of Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine), elderflower syrup, mint leaves, and a squeeze of lime. It is so fresh, so light, and just what you need to relax and beat the heat.

This perfect summer drink is great to serve on any given day and it is for sure a crowd pleaser!

Heres how it's done:

  1. Get a big glass- a red wine glass should do the trick
  2. Squeeze a large slice of lime into the glass
  3. Add a teaspoon or tablespoon of elderflower syrup- depending on if you like your drinks more sweet or tarte
  4. Grab some fresh mint leaves and muddle them in the glass
  5. Pour in the Prosecco to about 3/4 full

Voila! You now have a fresh and light drink that is popular among the Austrians and Germans. Try this at your next summer get together and let me know what you think! 

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