Italian Delicacy

9:35 AM

illy whole bean coffee

As most people know, the morning is by far my favorite time of the day. Waking up to a fresh new start is such an amazing gift that so many people take for granted. While in Europe, one of my favorite things to do was wake up in Italy and head down to a great little breakfast spot at the Hotel Bonvecchiati. It had an outdoor dining area called La Terrazza that sat on the Rio Dei Scoacamini, one of the many Venetian canals.

The hospitality there was amazing. The Italian stereotypes are completely and utterly true when it comes to wanting to welcome you into their home and feed you tons of food. There were many a morning where my mom and I rolled out of breakfast. Giorgio was the name of the man who made that all possible.

Not only was the food amazing, which I talked about in an earlier blog post, but so was the coffee or shall I say the cafe Americano. Cafe Americano was typically served black in a beautiful hotel silver coffee dispenser. The cafe Americano, when served black, was so tasty but the part that made Italian coffee stand out in my eyes was the dispenser right next to the cafe Americano one, the latte caldo. Latte caldo means hot milk in Italian. So I would grab a glass, pour some cafe Americano into it and then some of the latte caldo. It was so simple and so amazing.

I loved the coffee so much that I asked our friend Giorgio what kind they used in their restaurant and they told me they used the Illy brand of coffee. So, as soon as we got home, my mom bought 7 cans of Illy coffee. It's sold in most high end grocery stores and also online! So, every morning, we start our day with a little Italy.

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