Cheers to 2015 & Hello 2016!

9:57 AM

2015 was a great year for many reasons but it's out with the old and in with the new! 2016 you're lookin' FOINE. This is a monumental year for me because I will be spending my last semester of college student teaching (trying to keep a positive mind BUT it's hard as all of my peers can attest to). I will also be graduating from college- what the what... Where has the time gone?! AH. Last but not least, I'll be starting my career helping impoverished children to have the same opportunities as I did. I am passionate about equal rights and this experience will be one that helps to set me up for my future of advocating for those kids. Along with those HUGE life goals, I created a list of personal things I want to focus on to better myself inside and out.

The holidays are always the hardest time food and body wise for me. I consume everything in sight (think Patrick in the episode of Spongebob when they go to Spongebob's Grandma's house to eat the cookies). I don't workout because I have no access to the gym so essentially I lose my summer body. So the New Year always comes at a great time where you can get into the mindset of a new slate. So, here we are. I present you my "Bettering B" List:

  1. Take more bubble baths- does this even need to be explained?

  2. Find a perfect hairstyle- preferably long but more blonde

  3. Read more- it's definitely hard when you're at school but it's definitely rewarding especially when you're reading next to a candle!

  4. Cut out words "like" & "um"- I should have jars where I put money into when I say these words because I'm broke and I could use that as motivator

  5. Find my "go-to" beauty products- everyone everywhere knows their go-to beauty products and I'm over here spending $140+ of my Christmas money trying to find mine

  6. Eat clean(er)- I'm going to cut out dairy products like milk and yogurt, not quite ready to cut out cheese. I also want to cut out things that are manufactured because MONSANTO is scary.

  7. Eat more dark chocolate- because I heard it's good for your heart and so is red wine??

  8. Drink more tea- lately I've been drinking a lot of coffee with almond milk

  9. Bloom my blog

  10. Meditate everyday

  11. Learn more- READ

  12. Surround myself with more life- by this, I mean surround myself with more nature like plants and flowers

  13. Start an in-house herb garden- having basil, rosemary, and chives at my disposal would be nice!

  14. Write and reflect- daily.

  15. Get the Wednesday New York Times- for those of you who don't know, on Wednesdays, the NYT includes a food section with recipes and stories about food and I'm such a foodie so I love to look at them all. But, I want to start cutting out the recipes and saving them for the future!

  16. Exercise- good for your mental and physical health so, DUH.

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