Morning Vibes

9:54 AM

For those of you who know me, you know I love the mornings. Now, I get it, most people are not morning people and that's okay! I think the key is to have something to look forward to before you start your day. That thing I look forward to is a hot cup of tea or coffee. It sounds like something so simple or so little, but it is a great reason to get out of bed and indulge in.

So, set your alarm to a happy and gentle song (find my list of songs to wakeup to here); give yourself time to wakeup slow. Go downstairs, brew your coffee or put your hot water in the kettle. Bring it upstairs or to your room and get ready for your day!

Make sure to enjoy your sips as you take them. Drop the makeup brush and free your hands, take a sip, and enjoy :)

Let me know what your morning routine is!

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