A Definite Spring Must-Have

4:52 PM

Two words: rain boots. 

Now I know I'm not a pioneer in writing about or thinking this, but rain boots are a great investment for almost all seasons. I am completely obsessed with my rain boots. I wear them in the snow, ice, and rain- all of which happened today. The color is gorgeous and versatile and the shoe itself is functional. If you're going to make the purchase, go with the brand you know is trusted and will last a lifetime.

Hunter boots really are a great accessory for a rainy or snowy day. Put them on, walk in two feet of snow, jump in some puddles or mud if that's your thing. I am obsessed with these and how they look and they will be a part of my wardrobe forever!

Also, it doesn't hurt that Joanna Gaines wears them in like 70% of Fixer Upper on HGTV- just sayin'.

What are your favorite spring must-haves??

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