Mastering the Art of Coziness

5:52 PM

Hygge: the Scandinavian philosophy of living comfortably or with warmth and coziness. Hello!! I feel like this word completely defines me and my life. I aspire to live my day-to-day life being comfy, warm, and cozy and assuring that those around me feel the same way.

I spent this weekend with my mom on Cape Cod for a (soon to be annual tradition.. mom???) Girls Weekend. Without knowing it, we really embodied this philosophy with all that we did. We spent our afternoons meandering little shops and markets, in the small New England towns off of 6A, trying to find the most delicate trinkets to go home with. Some of these shops were filled with Christmas decorations and if you know me, you know that I'm not mad about that. We wondered through bakeries and specialty stores in search of the best cappuccino and almond croissant while purchasing loaves of artisanal bread that would soon be smeared with humboldt fog and Irish butter. Before bundling up for the tour of the organic cranberry bog, my mom and I baked these holiday-appropriate ginger molasses cookies (pictured above). Finally, we would end our days with the sun. All of the moments we weren't sleeping were spent watching Hallmark Christmas movies on repeat and sipping mulled cider as the fire burned through every last piece of firewood we had.

It was an incredible weekend full of warmth and coziness. I'm pretty sure I spent a full 24 hours (maybe even more!!!!) of the weekend in my flannel PJs!

I hope all you lovelies had cozy and relaxing weekends as well!!

xoxo, B

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