A Very 2018 Post

6:28 PM

Hi loves,

It's been a while, but, I'm back! I'm feeling a whole new wave of inspiration. This time, it's not going to be half-assed. I'm not going to go into it with a half-motivated state of mind. I'm really feeling it. I spent this past weekend mapping out my goals, purchasing necessary success tools, and organizing my processes.

I wholeheartedly intend for 2018 to be the year of B. What does that mean? I'm focusing on my self- mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. This life is too goddamn hard for us to just merely get by; searching and grasping at things that will make us happy in the moment (chocolate, ice-cream, a Netflix binge, or a bottle of wine) but at the end of the day, it's just a glimpse, a meager moment of that happiness we so long for. I'm taking control. I've had enough of dreading Mondays and counting down until the weekend. I'm prioritizing myself and my happiness so I can stop wishing my days, weeks, and ultimately, life away.

I'm using this platform as a space where I am going to share my goals, check-in about those goals, share tips and tricks that I'm finding to be successful along this journey as I retake my life (is that too dramatic??). I currently have many ideas and thoughts flowing through my brain but on this first post, I intend to map out my goals and break them down into achievable milestones, both minor and major. We need to be kind to ourselves. We need to nurture ourselves. We need to be realistic. Below are my goals and what I feel are realistic expectations for myself!

Daily Goals:

  • Meditate in the mornings: my plan for this goal is to wake up ten minutes before my alarm typically goes off to meditate. I am going to lay out my yoga mat, light a candle, and play a centering playlist or listen to a guided meditation. 
  • Drink lemon water to start my day: there are so many benefits from starting your day with lemon water and it being the first thing you ingest to break your fast. This combination flushes your digestion system while also kickstarting your metabolism. It's also super hydrating and great for your skin!
  • Drink three 40 oz water bottles a day: for those of you who don't know, I am a walking, talking HydroFlask advertisement. I'm obsessed with my 40 oz water bottle and how easy it makes it to drink water. My goal is to drink three of these big babies a day! 
  • Journal daily: journaling alone is something that is cathartic in itself but my goal is to have a food journal, gym journal, and a couple self-reflective journals to jot down my thoughts, emotions, failures, and successes. 
  • Read everyday: reading is always beneficial. It helps us to grow in so many ways so, there's not much else to say on this particular goal! 
Weekly Goals:
  • Get to the *gym at least* three times a week: working out just does so much good for us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I need to give myself the space to reap those benefits because I haven't been. I'm starting with three days a week and this will be both the minimum amount and some weeks, the maximum. Remember- be kind to yourself!!! 
  • Attend a yoga class once a week: this is a goal that may be harder to attain once a week but I'm sure going to try. Living on a stipend doesn't exactly lend you to a life where you can afford yoga classes every week but that doesn't mean I won't try! I believe that yoga is something that will help me connect with myself physically and spiritually so this goal is definitely high priority. 
  • Meal prep: I spend so much time on Pinterest searching for recipes and different things to try and after this Christmas, I've definitely gotten all of the cooking tools (dutch-oven, crock-pot, hand mixer, nutribullet, food processor, etc.) I need to be *more* successful in the kitchen- I'm a pretty good cook ;) Also, just cooking for yourself is so powerful. You're literally putting your time, energy, and love into preparing something you're then going to put into your body to nourish it. That to me is so sacred. Channel your inner kitchen witch and get into that kitchen! 
Overral Goals:
  • Nourish my body with wholesome foods: my plan is to cut back on dairy products and excess sugar. If you know me, you know how much I love cheese. Ugh, this one is going to be hard. But, if you're like me and cutting out dairy and added sugar seems almost impossible, think about your body. We need to love and nourish it. You're not being very kind if you're giving it another animal's breast milk and an unnatural chemical. Our bodies have so much trouble both of these breaking down!
  • Create feng shui in my space: one of the ways to create feng shui in your space is by de-cluttering. I need to go through all of my things and donate clothes I know I'll never wear again, and throw away things that hold no purpose to me anymore. This is going to be hard because I'm a bit of a hoarder hehe. However, I know that I need to let go of these excess things to make for space where I can retreat and feel free. 
  • Eat seasonally: this goal is so I can be more environmentally aware, eat locally, and support local farmers and small businesses all while I'm filling my body with good things! 
  • Drink more tea than coffee: I just wanted to start by saying that I love coffee. It is a part of my morning routine. What I want, however, is to drink it in lesser quantities whilst also making time for tea. For me, I think that means setting an alarm(s) for tea time- a moment for myself during my crazy, hectic, non-stop days.  
  • Take more baths than showers with essential oils and salts: baths are proven to be better for our health than showers. This also allows me for a moment with myself every day. We really don't make enough time to just be with ourselves. Giving ourselves a space where we can unwind, relax, and cleanse our bodies is super sacred. Adding essential oils like lavender, tea tree, or lemon grass helps to calm the mind and our energies. 
  • Focus on my inner-self and growing my inner powers: hello, I am a woman, and I am powerful. If you are a woman reading this, YOU are powerful. We, as women, harness unbelievable inner powers. Women are the most powerful beings on this great green earth and it is our job to explore those powers because no one else is going to do that for you, especially in this world. I am taking this year to explore and channel my inner powers. I am going to read copious amounts of books and apply that knowledge into practice. If you want more details or want to know where my thoughts are at, message me! 

As we go, we learn more about ourselves because every day, we learn more about ourselves. Be kind to yourself, love yourself, nourish yourself, and fulfill yourself. I haven't done this with myself. I haven't been kind to myself. But, I'm taking this new year as a fresh start for myself. I cannot wait for this journey and I'll check in soon! 2018 is going to be the best year yet!!


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