We've Got Some Exciting News!

7:11 PM

Hi, loves! So, we have some news that we have been keeping under our hats since September and we cannot wait to share with you all. Close friends and family all know but it's time to announce to the world. So, cue the drums... we have moved! We have been waiting to announce to you all until I was out here (Anthony has been here since Thanksgiving) and as of 11:45 last night, we have officially landed in Grand Rapids, Michigan!

The move has been spurred by Anthony getting a promotion! We are so so so excited to start our engaged life and soon-to-be-married life out here in the Midwest. Michigan already feels so much like home.

The state is so beautiful. We are about a 30-minute drive from Lake Michigan and the city is surrounded by nature. Oh, it's also called "Beer City" home of Founders Brewery and so many great microbreweries. The food scene is fantastic and if you know us, you know that Anthony and I are foodies through and through!

The apartment we are in is absolutely stunning. We are located in the downtown part of the city and right on the Grand River with floor-to-ceiling views of the River. We cannot wait to make this place our home and welcome our family and friends into this space.

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