Love & Light In These Trying Times

5:35 PM

During these emotionally draining and straining times, it feels as though the world is shifting. I see acts of kindness almost everywhere I go. We are being consistently bombarded with updates and world news stories that can tend to beat us down and exhaust us. But, be sure, we as humans are shifting. We are longing to be with one another. We are learning what we once took for granted. With all of these shifts, it is beyond important to begin looking inward. The importance of identifying: what makes us happy, how can we be at service to others, and how can we, as one person, help to better the situation at hand.

There are so many people suffering from this health and economic crisis, yes. But how can we, as individuals, aid in that suffering? One way that I have identified is to support local and small businesses. Remember when we were able to walk downtown, grab a bite, stop in a local bookstore, peep the windows of a unique boutique? What were those stores? Identify them. Find out if they have a website with inventory online. Shop (need some new spring or summer pieces, ladies😜). Repeat. I supported a cute stationery store that my cousin works at in Montana (shoutout Noteworthy Paper & Press and Rachel💛). They sent me this gorgeous stationery along with a note expressing great gratitude.

The second way I identified was to spread some love. I truly feel that these times are going to change us. They are making us more empathetic. They are allowing us to identify with a greater sense of humanity. I plan to spread some love by sending some snail mail to my loved ones! For me, there is no better feeling than receiving a little piece of love from someone you care about so I wanted to give that feeling to my people!

So, here is my challenge to you-- What will you do to better this situation? How will you provide some love and light to this dark period of time?

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  1. I love this idea! Such cute designs :)