Jalapeño Jelly and Pesto Torte

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Okay, so I am here to tell you about THE simplest hors d'oeuvre you will every make. It is perfect for anytime of the year but especially the holiday season. It's perfect for a quick, simple holiday party appetizer. Not only is it easy to make, but it's absolutely delicious! The name: Jalapeño Jelly and Pesto Torte. 


  • Goat cheese or boursin cheese
  • Pesto 
  • Basil leaf
  • Jalapeño jelly

Get a small round deep bowl and your ingredients together. Place saran wrap into the bowl- make sure there is plenty coming out of the bowl so that you can wrap the torte at the end (see picture). 

Place the basil leaf underside up- this will ensure that the leaf is right side up when you flip the torte. Take the cheese and start layering. You want to break the cheese into malleable clumps so that you can place it all over the bowl in the first layer. 

The next layer is pesto. Layer the pesto over the goat cheese with a spoon. 

Next layer is goat cheese- do step four and five until you run out of room in your bowl. The last layer should be goat cheese. 

When you're finished with the layering, you want to wrap up the torte with saran wrap. Let torte set in fridge for 2-6 hours- can sit over night but make sure it sets for at least two hours so the flavors meld together. 

Take the torte out of fridge. Unwrap the saran wrap. Flip bowl upside down over a platter. Remove saran wrap. Add the jalapeño jelly- you can add it to the top of the torte or on the side of the torte. Display with crackers and a small cheese knife. Enjoy :)

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