Thanksgiving Break- a Tease

6:39 PM

As I travel back to school for my final week of classes and finals week, I can't help but reminisce on the great week I've had; spent with the most important and special people in my life. We laughed, cried (yes, there are always a few tears), and most importantly chowed down on some of the most delicious food in the world cooked by my mother: Debbie. Here are a few great photos that epitomize my time spent at home:

Dad's world famous Irish oatmeal. I love mine with milk, brown sugar, almonds, and cranberries. I also add chia seeds and flax seeds if they're in the house.

My gorgeous doggy Boo Boo!!

My beautiful sister Cathy!

One of the many amazing meals at home- Sunday night dinner: stuffed pork tenderloin with balsamic pears and potato cakes

Cut up 15 apples for this baby!

My contribution to the Thanksgiving extravaganza: Chocolate Pecan Pie!!

Boo, again :)

Thanksgiving pics featuring: me, my sister Cathy, my boyfriend Anthony, my mom, and my dad!! Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. Much love!

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